The 10 best fat-burning foods that get you into shape

Do you know why scientists call cinnamon a super-spice? And garlic a true ‘fat-fighter’…


We all know losing weight and dieting is hard. Not only do you need to work up a sweat in the gym, you also have to be very conscious of what you eat.


And by now we all know what we can and can’t eat. Yes, you can have white meat, nuts, fish, fruit and vegetables. And no, you can’t have too many carbs, fat and sugar. Nothing new here.


But there are tricks that help you speed up your metabolism and with that your fat burning process. In this article you will read what the effect is of the following 10 foods on your body and why they should be included in your diet. You will achieve your result faster than you ever thought possible!


weight loss fat-burning foods

1. Eggs

Studies show that eating 2 to 3 eggs for breakfast instead of yoghurt, fruit or bread, increases your feeling of fullness. In the next 24 to 36 hours the 30 overweight women that were part of this research ate significantly less than what they normally did.


Eggs also speed up your metabolism giving calories less chance to be converted to fat.



2. Cinnamon

You probably might not know this but cinnamon is considered a super-spice when it comes to improving your immune system. It enhances the production of white blood cells and it even contains vitamin C.


And when it comes to losing weight, it has the unique ability to mimic insulin. This leads to a decrease of fat storage when your sugar intake increases.


You can add cinnamon to your diet by putting it into yoghurt, milk or your (protein)shake. Or simply take a cinnamon supplement pill.


3. Grapefruit

Everyone knows that fruit should be part of any healthy diet. But because of the sugar it contains it’s best to limit your total fruit intake to max 2 pieces per day.


The grapefruit is by far the best fruit there is when it comes to weight loss. Because of the phytochemicals it contains the body is stimulated to burn your calories instead of storing them as fat.


A study involving 91 obese people who ate half a fresh grapefruit before meals alone, lost around 4lbs (1.8kg) over 12 weeks.


lose weight red tea detox

4. Tea

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, even more than coffee. Drinking tea is associated with a healthy lifestyle. And that’s for a good reason, there is tons of evidence linking tea to both weight loss and fat reduction.


People that drink tea while they diet are likely to lose more weight. A study showed that people drinking green tea for 12 weeks while dieting lost 7.3 pounds (3.3kg) more than the people from the placebo group.


Because tea is high in catechins it enhances your metabolism leading to an increase of fat burn.

5. Beans

Beans are undervalued when it comes to dieting and weight loss. They contain fiber and protein which are nutrients that lead to satiety. The longer you feel full after a meal, the less likely you will give in to unhealthy cravings for sugar and fat.


Are all beans good for you? Yes and no. When it comes to dieting black beans, kidney beans and lentils are the best choice. They contain the highest level of fiber and protein. 



6. Apple cider vinegar

This might seem like an unusual addition to this list but apple cider vinegar proved to increase your feeling of fullness when eaten with protein-rich salads.


The secret is the acetic acids. This acid improves your metabolism, decreases insulin levels, reduces fat storage and even burns fat!


A 12-week study conducted among women who were severe overweight showed that a tablespoon of vinegar per day led to a loss of 3 pounds (1.4kg).


7. Garlic

The secret fat burning ingredient in garlic is allicin. Allicin is also the reason that garlic smells the way it does.


Allicin acts as a true ‘fat-fighter’, meaning that when you add garlic to a meal your body will turn less calories into fat then the same meal without garlic.


This is certainly worth having a bad breath the next day.

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8. Salmon & tuna

Both types of fish are packed with healthy nutrients such as protein and omega-3. Also, it will give you a feeling of ‘being full’ for hours. Because they are also low in fat, tuna and salmon are the perfect fish of any diet.


Note: If you buy fish in a can make sure it´s canned in water and not in oil. Oil contains lots of calories.



9. Coconut oil

No other type of oil has the same effect on your metabolism as coconut oil. It contains so called medium chain fatty acids which are metabolized differently than other oils that contain longer chain fats. Therefore, other oils don’t have the same positive effect.


Because coconut oil boosts your metabolism, it makes you burn more calories while your rest. So by including coconut oil in your diet you are able to lose weight even when you are not working out!


Studies also show that including coconut oil in your diet helps you lose internal fat and the fat around your abdominals. This is the most dangerous type of fat and burning that improves your physical well-being significantly.


10. Kale

All green vegetables are an important addition to a healthy diet and kale in particular. It’s high in fiber which slows the release of glucose. It speeds up your metabolism and enhances fat burning while you work out.


In addition, it is packed with healthy minerals such as magnesium and iron which are good for your skin, organs, bones and stress hormones.


And the good thing is, kale is cheap and available in every supermarket. 


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