5 workout plans to build stronger and bigger legs

Be honest: do you ever skip leg day because you want to focus on your chest or arms (again)? Then you should keep reading to understand how important leg day is and why you should never skip it again. Period. This article provides 5 workout plans to build stronger and bigger legs in just a couple of weeks!


Lots of athletes favour training the muscles in their upper body over their legs. But the leg muscles might be the most important of all! They are the biggest muscle group in your body, so if you want to gain size and weight these are the muscles that will bring you that result the fastest.


Training your legs also triggers your body to produce extra growth hormone and testosterone. These hormones play an important role in the (re)production of muscle tissue.


And training your legs does not only result in bigger and stronger legs but it will help you to develop your abs as well. The secret to developing a six-pack is not performing a 1000 crunches per day. It’s performing multi joint compound exercises like the barbell squat and leg press!



Rep ranges

When it comes to training your legs you can’t cheat: performing your workout at 80% or even 90% will not lead to anything. If you want to gain strength and develop muscle mass you have to give it a 100%, otherwise you can train for 3 years and see no result.


This means that you are going to lift serious loads with these workouts. For the compound exercises you will focus on increasing your strength. The rep range will be 1 – 6 reps per set. Really focus on your technique and lifting heavy!


The isolation exercises are included to focus on building muscle mass: weight is 75% of your 1RM with a rep range of 8 – 12 reps.


Finally, to really murder your legs you finish each workout with a ‘pump’ exercise: drop the weight and increase your reps. Focus on a 15 – 20 rep range. Reach muscle failure with these last pump sets and you will not be able to walk up and down the stairs tomorrow. Promised! 


5 workout plans

All 5 workouts below are all-round routines, they target every muscle in your legs: calves, hamstrings, glutes and quads (including the abductor and adductor). The aim of each workout is to delevelop both extra muscle mass and strength for bigger and stronger leg muscles. 


You can perform each workout for a period of max 8 weeks, then it's best to change your plan. You don't have to commit to the exact order, you can start with workout 3 and move to workout 5 if you feel like doing so. These workouts give you an idea about how you could approach an all-round leg workout and which exercises can be included.


Be careful with substituting exercises. Each workout is developed in a way that each leg muscle gets the right amount of stress. If you start substituting hamstring exercises for extra quad exercises you will have an imbalance in your workout plan and run into injuries.


For workout 1 is an instruction video included!


leg workout bigger stronger legs
leg workout bigger stronger legs


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