Workout plans

3 practical questions and answers

1. What is a workout plan?

A workout plan is an overview of the exercises that you perform in the gym. A workout plan is personal and should therefore contribute to your specific and personal goal.


A workout plan gives you structure when you are performing your routine. It ensures that you always use the appropriate weight with the right amount of sets and reps. By using a workout plan you will always get a maximum result out of your workout.


2. What information does it provide?

The basis of all workout plans is pretty much the same. It gives you information about:


-       Exercises

-       Weight

-       Number of sets

-       Number of reps

-       Rest time

-       Training days

No matter what your personal goal is, the information given above is the basis for every workout plan.


3. How often do I have to change my workout plan?

It’s very important to frequently change your workout plan. Because your body gets used relatively fast to the movement and weight of the exercises you have to keep mixing it up. 6 weeks is the maximum that you can use a workout plan but I suggest to change it after 4 or 5 weeks. After 4 weeks your workout plan is not longer effective for training the smaller muscle groups (biceps, triceps, shoulders and abs). And after 6 weeks your biggest muscle groups (chest, legs and back) will be adjusted to your workout plan and will therefore also stop reacting to it.


You don’t have to change goals of course. If your aim is to develop muscle strength then the framework of the workout plan (weight, number of reps, number of sets, amount of training days and rest time) remains the same. But make sure to include other exercises to stimulate your body again. Alternate between free weight, barbell and machine exercises.

If you experience a lack of progress after a certain amount of time it might also be a possibility to change the aim of your plan. If you always focus on building muscle mass then increase the weight and drop the amount of reps for a change. Your body will be surprised by this change and has to get of its ‘autopilot’. You will start to experience new progress within weeks!